A bit more about me

I was born in Ghana and raised between there and the United Kingdom. I’d like to think that my outlook embodies the best of both worlds. I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hertfordshire, UK; where I won the prestigious IMechE best research project award in 2005. 

I started my career  compiling manuals for machinery in the food sector. Since then I’ve spent a large part of my professional life conducting research on green technologies at Ford. I am a co-inventor of a patented thermal system at Ford. A recent spell at The Dearman Engine Company saw me lead a team on a UK government project to develop a cryogenic engine for hybrid buses.

I lived in New Zealand for a while where I got straight into designing an innovative fumigant recapture system for use at the Port of Tauranga.  Whilst in NZ I also became Technical Director for Locus Research, a leading edge product development company. Compiling technical documentation was an intrinsic part of my engineering career.

Additionally, I am uniquely experienced with a broader worldview, having co-founded a UK social enterprise supporting NGO’s in developing countries to deliver education programs. My contribution to the UK social enterprise space was recognised with an invited Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts, as well as membership of Co-operatives London. 

Founding a social enterprise in 2012 is where I cut my teeth designing copy of varying types. I was responsible for all the words on our WordPress website.  That included all marketing blurbs, blogs, voice-over script for motion graphics and website SEO. As the founder, I was also responsible for writing and compiling our technical documentation for suppliers, product packaging and product usage instructions. I was able to secure big media wins through my writing with the likes of The Guardian Newspaper, Women’s Health magazine and the PR giant Ogilvy & Mather. 

If you’ve read this far, the crux is this: I can translate technical jargon into easy language or convey opaque messages into solid concepts. I can do this for technical, compliance or marketing purposes. Get in touch to see if I can help


  • Former fellow of the Royal Society for Arts and commerce (RSA).
  • Received the Ford Powertrain Excellence Award for developing a novel cooling system.
  • Co-published a recent paper on the development of a liquid nitrogen injection system for cryogenic engines.
  • Won the IMECHE best R&D project award.
  • Co-inventor of a novel cooling architecture at Ford
  • Self published a book on travelling through India.
  • Survived a 21 day trek to the world's highest mountain pass in the Himalayas.

A blast from the past...Voice over script for buypure.org

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Do you need technical documents?

You might have a bright idea which needs translating into technical terms so it can be realised. You might be a SME with limited resources needing technical documents. You might already be well established but require documentation for English speaking markets. Get in touch.

Do you need effective copy of any type?

If you have something you want to share with the world; a website, a product or maybe your heart. Your content is your pitch to the world. Creating copy goes beyond mere description. It must find and use the right keywords so that the internet comes to you. I can help with that. Let's talk.

Do you need to apply quality processes like FMEA?

Are you developing or have developed a product, service or process of any kind? If your answer is yes, then I can help make it bullet proof with failure mode avoidance. There are host of tools which help you develop robust products without spending money on prototyping or testing. I can guide you to success. Get in touch.