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Welcome to the Pack Back Society! Pack your bags my friend, you could soon be off on a life-changing adventure to far flung corners of the world. If you consider roots to be of African or Asian, this is especially for you.

That’s what The Pack Back Society will be all about. Backpacking changed my life and it’s our joy to offer the same opportunity to you. We’re still developing the idea, but at its core it works like this: You apply for a backpacking scholarship—telling us why you’d be the best person for the adventure. We assess the applications and choose the most suitable candidates. We’ll consider all applications but we’ll prioritise applicants from Africa and Asia.

Who’ll pay for all this?

We all do in a way, and here’s how it works. Thirty percent of all proceeds from my books The Pocketbook of Little Big Things, Monsoon Diaries, and Asemsebe will be directed into The PackBack Society—after the publishers have taken their cut. The more books we shift, the more funds for your adventures!

Why backpacking?

Because it changed my life. Around ten year ago, life became somewhat empty for me. I couldn’t really explain why. On the face of it I had a great job and was full of material satisfaction. So, I jacked the work bit in and went off backpacking to far lands. This blew my mind into smithereens. Now, you have to understand that backpacking, whilst normal in a European (or American) context, isn’t something common in African households. This is true whether in the diaspora or on the continent.

The trip culminated in a profound epiphany about my life and the cosmos in general. For the first time in my life, through backpacking, I started to create myself anew, instead of being created. I was opened up to the cosmos and gained my own unique understandings. It was exciting and deeply enriching. My discoveries pointed to one thing. I had been a canvas for others to paint upon what they wished. There was much more to life than the things I had been taught to focus on, and that I had a very narrow take on life; none of which were my own takes.

It all came about because I strapped a backpack on and buggered off to far lands for the sake of adventure. Not for economic gains or for a formal education, but for adventure and growth. These experiences became Monsoon Diaries’—the first book I wrote.


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