I work remotely with a wide range of clients across all industries. You might be an SME with limited resources but could do with a team to tackle innovation challenges that gives you a commercial advantage. Studio Koje is here to do just that for you. Together we assess your business innovation needs to tease out value opportunities, set focus, success measures and exit plans (how & where the outputs feed into your BAU). Studio Koje then gets to work and you carry on with business as usual.  Studio Koje has expertise in both the strategic planning as well as the nitty-gritty of tactical delivery.  

Here are some of the expertise you can expect from my big picture work.

Strategic planning | Product development roadmaps | Business case development | Market strategy | Customer avatar design | Feasibility studies | Proof of concept prototype design | Funding research & application | Techno-economic analysis | Identifying and securing Partnerships | R&D and Commercialization plans.

When it comes to your tactical outputs, here are some of the useful things you can expect.

Business plans & pitch decks | Financial models | Excel business tools | New products or services | POC Prototypes | Grant applications | Product development specifications | Product standards and requirements | Functional requirements specification | Standard operating procedures | Test procedures and reports | Software requirements

In addition, Studio Koje is able output digital outcomes to catapult your new innovations onto the global market. Here are some of the detailed outputs you can expect.

Websites and landing pages | Story, copy & videos | Press releases | Social media content & management | SEO | Blogs and articles | White papers | Digital marketing plans | Email marketing | Branding and brand collateral

Studio Koje is your one-stop shop to help your business plan & strategize, develop products, services and processes, plus help put them out into the world so you can profit from it. 

So, we’ve teased out some exciting opportunities for your business and you’re ready to innovate. What next? Here’s where Studio Koje makes the difference; I project manage the delivery then plug it into your normal business.  I have over 13 years of experience in the leadership of technical and commercial projects. I have delivered high risk technology projects in the automotive, product design and bio security sectors. Through my work I have built a knowledge of the key PM (PRINCE II) tolerances such as scope, timescale, risk, quality, benefits and cost.

Here’s what you can expect from a project management and delivery perspective.

Project planning | Activity sequencing | Work package design | Budget control | Resource planning | Contingency planning | Project risk mapping | Reporting and tracking | Critical path mapping | Stakeholder management

When it comes to resourcing, you don’t need to lift a finger. I engage the right expert at the right time, from a global network of experts. Everything can be done remotely.

Not everyone starts from scratch. Sometimes you already have the makings of something great. Studio Koje can help you knock it out of the park with design thinking.

Are you developing or have developed a product, service or process of any kind? If your answer is yes, then I can help make it bullet proof with failure mode avoidance. ‘Quality engineering’ or ‘quality  systems’ refers to a fancy way of asking a very important design question; independent of sector.

“How can I ensure my product/service works as it should under all conditions?”

There are host of tools which help answer that question in a scientific manner; without spending money on prototyping or testing. 

Design thinking tools like FMA have been used in the design of cars, planes and spacecraft for decades. It can be used in your business too.

Here are some of the tools I use to turn your ideas into bulletproof gold.

  • Failure Mode  and Effects analysis (FMEA)
  • Parameter diagrams
  • System state-flow development
  • Function tree and Interface diagrams
  • Robustness check lists
  • Full systems engineering process

Sometimes you just need a little something

You don’t always need an innovation consultant. Sometimes you just want to leverage a small part of the expertise. Studio Koje has you covered. You can pick and choose any of the strategic or tactical outputs as you need it. It’s a great way for you to assess the quality of my work.

Are you creating technical documents?

You might have a bright idea which needs translating into technical terms so it can be realised. You might be a SME with limited resources needing technical documents. You might already be well established but require documentation for English speaking markets. Get in touch, Koje can help you.

Looking for effective copy of any type?

If you have something you want to share with the world; a website, a product or maybe your heart. Your content is your pitch to the world. Creating copy goes beyond mere description. It must find and use the right keywords so that the internet comes to you. I can help with that. Let's talk today, there's no better time.

Do you need to apply FMEA to a product?

Are you developing or have developed a product, service or process of any kind? If your answer is yes, then I can help make it bullet proof with failure mode avoidance. There are host of tools which help you develop robust products without spending money on prototyping or testing. I can guide you to success. Get in touch.

What do the experts say?

" I worked with Kevin on a project developing a novel hybrid vehicle. Kevin authored the complete technical requirements document for the engine and thermal control system. Kevin ensured that he obtained the salient information from all areas of the business to populate the requirements documents with accurate and precise information. Beyond this, Kevin the handled the supplier interface to ensure the system was delivered to the requirements and the documentation was kept current. I would highly recommend Kevin's services, and look forward to working with him again in the future."
Scott Snowden
Mclaren Applied Technologies