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Your plug and play Innovation department. Not all businesses can afford a dedicated innovation team. That’s where Studio Koje comes in with Innovation as a Service (IaaS). You do BAU and Koje functions as your innovation department on a project basis.

Don't let innovation take a back seat

Who does Koje work with?

You are a SME in any sector and want to provide value to your customers. You understand that product or service innovation is the key to that success, but you don’t have the capacity for a dedicated innovation team. 

Your time is mostly taken up by business as usual pressures. What you need is an innovation unicorn, that’s Studio Koje. I assess your business to spot commercial opportunities, conduct feasibility studies and develop strategic plans & business cases then investigate funding sources —the big picture stuff. 

After that, I execute the plan to completion by leveraging my professional networks then plug the outputs into your BAU. It’s a pretty smart way to respond to your commercial & innovation challenges. Standard consultancy tells you what to do, that’s OK if you have time. I do it for you with seamless integration—that’s real value.

Studio Koje in a nutshell

An experienced professional

I'm Kevin, the 'Ko' in 'Studio Koje'. In the last 13 years I’ve been a Research Engineer for Ford, Technical Director for a Product Design company in New Zealand and a Director for a social enterprise in the well-being sector.

Knowledge of different sectors

I’ve worked in a range of sectors including new product development, cryogenics, automotive, supplements, bio-security, social enterprise and charities. They all require a significant knowledge base to tackle compliance, performance, quality and innovation challenges. I leverage this unique cross-sector knowledge to bolster yours.

What Studio Koje can do for you​

Assess your business to map out opportunities to innovate, then set to work on quantifying and executing them. Studio Koje specializes in three main areas of activity which overlap to deliver quality innovation outputs. 

Product and Service Innovation

Strategic planning | Product development | Business case development | Feasibility studies | Proof of concept | Project management | Funding research & application | Techno-economic analysis | Partnerships

Project Management & Delivery

Project planning | Process monitoring & reporting | Stakeholder engagement | Activity sequencing | Project de-risking | Technical documentation | Collateral design | Web and digital content | Continuous improvement tools

Quality & Robustness Methods

Failure Mode and Effects analysis (FMEA) | Parameter diagrams | System state-flow development | Function tree and Interface diagrams | Sociotechnical systems | Actor Network Theory | DesignX | Resilience Planning | Social Actor Mapping | Eco-cycle mapping

Current & Past Achievements

The diversity and quality of what I’ve achieved can be leveraged to help you deliver real value for your customers. From engineering to eCommerce, health foods and business development, Studio Koje relishes any commercial & innovation challenge. Click on the images for more details.

The Digital Vineyard

Advancing viticulture capabilities into the digital world through blended learning and competency assessments at Pernod Ricard.

The Digital Winery

Enhancing winemaking capabilities with on-the-job training tools at the world-class Church Road Winery in New Zealand.

Proof of Concept Hybrid Engine

As an employee & shareholder at Dearman, Kevin oversaw the delivery of a UK government funded 4mil GBP hybrid bus project. I designed and project managed a novel engine which uses liquid nitrogen.

A Food Supplement Enterprise

Kevin oversaw the management of all works covering legislative compliance, testing, import and export, process design, finance, marketing, web design and packaging design.

Exploring Future-Ready Agribusiness Value Chains

Exploring strategies, alternative means, and ways to establish and fund social enterprises across the agriculture value chain with the Asian Productivity Organization.

Training of trainers with the Development Academy of the Philippines

Strengthening the foundational knowledge of trainers in the field of future-ready social enterprises with the Development Academy of the Philippines.

A Rural Development Portal

Design of a web portal to support the rural development aspirations of a legendary Portuguese village set in the the country's magic mountains.

Fumigant Recapture in Aotearoa

Kevin worked at Genera and designed a proof of concept gas scrubber system for use the Port of Tauranga in New Zealand. A first of its kind portable system to capture harmful gasses.

Preserving Automotive Heritage with Museu do Caramulo

Story and copy translation; enabling Portugal’s esteemed Caramulo Automobile Museum to share the incredible legacy of vehicles that defined world history.

Exciting E-bike Tourism Venture

From the business planning to financial models, pitch decks, funding sources, marketing and operations, Studio Koje is helping to introduce e-bikes to the rural tourism space.

Outdoor Education in Nepal

Strategic planning for an outdoor education foundation in Nepal. The sustainable social enterprise provides training for rural youth to gain employment in the adventure tourism sector.

Revolutionizing Global Mobility with Moving-On.co

A website is the window into any organization’s soul. Studio Koje transformed the website of this leading global mobility agency from a mere shop window into a sales converting tool.


I have worked with Kevin on forward model quality (failure mode avoidance, P-diagram, DFMEA) for stop-start systems in the past. He was always very proactive in getting the work moving and used strong interpersonal skills to assemble a cross-functional team to allow the project to be successful. He also led validation testing at the time, and his ability to switch between practical work and "theoretical" studies such as FMEA was impressive...showing conviction in his own abilities and maturity beyond his years.
Dr Robyn Pritchard
Ford Motor Company
I worked with Kevin on a project developing a novel hybrid vehicle. Kevin authored the complete technical requirements document for the engine and thermal control system. Kevin ensured that he obtained the salient information from all areas of the business to populate the requirements documents with accurate and precise information. Beyond this, Kevin the handled the supplier interface to ensure the system was delivered to the requirements and the documentation was kept current. I would highly recommend Kevin's services, and look forward to working with him again in the future.
Scott Snowden
Mclaren Applied Technologies

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